Your physician has recommended you for a knee joint injection. You most likely are suffering from osteoarthritis and are a candidate for a non-surgical pain relieving therapy. This injection will give you a longer lasting benefit than taking an anti-inflammatory.

You will most likely return back to the office every 2 weeks for an injection. This can be repeated up to 5 times for extended relief. This cycle will be determined by your physician.

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Injection Site

Using x-ray guidance, your physician will direct a small needle into your knee joint while anesthetizing (numbing) the area. Once needle placement is verified with a contrast agent, the Supartz (medication) and/or steroid will be injected.

What is Supartz?

Supartz is a solution made of highly purified, sodium hyaluronate. This is a natural chemical found in the body and is found in particularly high amounts in joints and tissues as well as in the synovial fluid that fills the joints. It will act as a lubricant and shock absorber and decrease the pain in your knee joint.

Risks and Complications

Infection – this is very rare. Keep an eye on the injection site over the few days following the injection. If any redness, bleeding or seeping of fluids is noticed, please call the office and speak with a staff member immediately.

If you experience a fever, chills or extremity weakness, please call the office immediately.

Expected Outcome

The goal of Supartz is to relieve your knee joint pain within 1-3 days. The majority of patients require a series of injections, however, you may notice relief after your first injection. The quantity and frequency of your return visits for additional injections will be determined by your physician.

Our Promise

We will take excellent care of you here at Interventional Pain Specialists of Indiana and it is our pleasure to treat you. Please DO NOT hesitate to call the office with any questions or concerns regarding your procedure appointment.