The pudendal nerve is a nerve in the pelvic region that carries sensory and motor fibers. The pudendal nerve innervates the external genitalia of both sexes, as well as sphincters for the bladder and the rectum. The pudendal nerve originates from what is known as the sacral plexus. It passes between the piriformis and the coccygeus muscles and leaves the pelvis through the lower part of the greater sciatic foramen.

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Injection Site

A spinal needle is advanced through the gluteal muscle (buttocks) and is advanced within millimeters of what is known as the ischial spine viewable with an x-ray image. Once the needle placement is confirmed with a contrast agent, the anti-inflammatory will be injected to help reduce your pain.

Risks and Complications

Bleeding – this is very rare. This is the reason you must remain off aspirin based products for at least 3-5 days prior to the injection. Also, if you are on any blood thinners you should be off of those as well for 5 days.

Infection – this is very rare. Keep an eye on the injection site over the few days following the injection. If any redness, bleeding or seeping of fluids is noticed, please call the office and speak with a staff member immediately.

If you experience a fever, chills or extremity weakness, please call the office immediately.

Expected Outcome

You should notice relief within a few days. Be sure to follow up with your physician within a few weeks.

Our Promise

We will take excellent care of you here at Interventional Pain Specialists of Indiana and it is our pleasure to treat you. Please DO NOT hesitate to call the office with any questions or concerns regarding your procedure appointment.